Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth marketing is kind of new marketing skill. It is ignored by lots lof marketers. However, it is preety important.

Few days ago, Blizzard just finish the Diabolo 3 first show. In North America, thousands of people stand outside of Future shop wait for buying the dico at 0.00 a.m. It is amazing that how  so many people know the Diablolo 3 come out in that date. Blizzard doesn’t make a great compaign, doesn’t do lots of advertisments. It is the word of mouth bring people to come.

Word-of-mouth marketing is kind of satisfied customers tell other people how much they like the business, products, service. Which will create positive impression among customer and bring lots of new customers to come.

Bulit trust

Blizzard bulit a trust with lots of customers who played Diabolo II or Diabolo I or they played Blizzard before. This kind of group speak with their friends or post some words about how good the Diabolos will be. Then more and more people come and wait to buy the games.

According The Word of mouth marketing:  Some 90% of buyers trust peer reviews and 70% trust online reviews, according to the American Marketing Association. Meanwhile, only 15% of buyers say they trust traditional advertising. This is interesting because it already become the super weapon for marketers.



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