Why googel failed in China

Even though it already happened for a long time, it is still find that is very interesting.  Lots of Chinese donnot know google. Could you believe it? Now the bigges ADR is Baidu, which can be considered as the second biggest ADR all over the world. However, Google will be the unmber one if they success in Chinese market.

I totally agree the idea about Online Freedom. It is true that Chinese government control the people’ freedom when they get online. people cannot find any kind of negative thing about government or policital. Google cannot fit in this situation.

The choice of domain name is another big issue for google. It is really different for normal Chinese ro remember the the English word” google”. Chinese are easiler remember Pinyin (Chinese words). Maybe the guge (the translate of google) can be a good choice for Chinese to remember. When Chinese want to use search engine, the fisrt thing maybe is google. However, the second thing is they forget how to spell the domain. Then they swith to baidu (it is Pinyin domain).

Another important factor is that google ignore the biggest competitor—Baidu. There is some different situation in China online market. It’s kind of legal to download music and video on Internet, which is google cannot afford. The Chinese people would perfer Baidu’s big input box,which is perfect for Chinese character. 

To sum up, China is different. The policy, government, culutre, just be c areful when you really want to get in.



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