Basic for Social Media

What is Social Media,Wikipedia gives us a clear idea. It is kind of media that work for communication between people. Right now, the social media is booming very quickly.  

Right now, As the picture, there are lots of social media existing and affecting our lives, business even emotion.

The article”The no.1 ingredient in your Social Media strategy” by  (2011) decribe the social media can be consider as a tools that connet people with people. The regular words are:”The media aspect is the technology platform that enables, or facilitates, your participation in the conversation. It’s the tangible stuff that can, and probably should, be delegated to someone with the experience and expertise to put it together in a way that frees you to focus on your message, and enjoy the conversation.” The social always be filled with information, interactive and so on. Social media short the distance between people.

As the information technology and science develop, more and more people take part in the social communication. It really contribute to the growth of social media. More and more young people are keen to talk online and make friends on line. Social Media is an important elements in future. The future of social media is you give us a main picture of the social media in future. It is impressive.



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