Amazon’s business

Amazon’s business gives people lots of ideas about how they work ? How they communicate with customers. how they do the strategies. It’s obvious that there is a smeart, effectively, high quality management department in the head of Amazons.

They try to find the products what people need. They set a good price for a better deal. They make good realtionship with delivery company to services well for services. They make deal as simple as possible for customers to buy and receive their products. They control the valueable informtion in the right time and right place. Everything is great. That’s their strategy.

What is Amazon’s secret for success. We all know Amazon’s continued growth even there are lots of people stoping reading hard copy books. There is one important that people cannot ignore is Amzon is try to match what buyers’s expectation. Sometime the buyer has changed in multiple ways.

“Within the typical enterprise datacenter, developers have long been one of the drivers for the ongoing and painful “silo-ization” of enterprise applications. New applications enter the datacenter and custom infrastructure is provided per ‘requirements’ from the application developer. This has been a pattern for 25+ years which is now becoming an anti-pattern. Now, the application developer has the choice: fit the infrastructure to the app or fit the app to the infrastructure (aka ‘cloud-readiness’).” Amazon always can make quick response for the changing from buyers. This is difficult for other big organzations to achieve.






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